Training Retreats:

I am available to lead either a one-day or two-day retreat for clergy and adult church school leaders who want to learn how to teach people to meditate. In a one-day event I can introduce the book, lead people through one chapter, then coach them as they lead other through a second chapter.

The advantage of a two-day experience is that it gives people a change to relax and socialize for the evening and sleep on the experience. The next morningís response to the process is richer and the second experience of leading a chapter deepens the participantís appreciation for what meditation is and how they can encourage others to do it.

The cost of a one-day event is $650 plus expenses. A two day event $ 1,200. Renewal and Transformation Retreat:

This can be done in an afternoon followed by a meal and time to relax and fellowship. Then I provide a morning and early afternoon session the next day finishing with communion around 2:30.

It is better to take a morning, then have a time for a guided discussion in the early afternoon and a second experiential session before dinner.

The cost of a one and a half day retreat is $950 plus expenses, two full days $1,200 plus expenses.
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