Week 1 - Lord, Do you Love Me?          Week 2 - Lord, Do you understand?
Week 3 - Lord, Do you Accept Me?       Week 4 - Lord, Do I count?
Week 5 - Lord, Can I Succeed?               Week 6 - Lord, Am I Forgiven?
Week 7 - Lord, Will I Survive?               Week 8 - Lord, Will I always live?

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One of the powerful things a pastor can do is to focus the entire church on one aspect of the faith. This book provides a wonderful way to strengthen your people's relationship to God by deepening their prayer life and their ability to use the Scriptures. In the fall or after Easter, carve out 7 weeks with 8 Sundays to focus on meditation. Or you can adapt this book to become a Lenten series. To shorten the program a week, please see the separate Lenten suggestions.

Once you have picked your block of time, consider how you want to promote this emphasis. In the next tab is a publicity kit with a sample newsletter article and press release. Then you will find a poster for use throughout the church. The next resource is a small handout that can be distributed to you people to make it easier to invite others to join them. Make your life easy and order copies from or through this web site six weeks before the start. You will want to recruit leaders at least a month before the start so they can read the book and practice the process.

This is not a book about meditation but a manual to teach people how to meditate. It would be a good thing to meet with your leadership people at for at least one three hour session where you lead them through the first chapter, then they divide up into groups of two and lead each other through a second chapter.

You probably want to post promotional materials and make an announcements in the bulletin beginning at least three weeks before your start date. In the kit is a form you can use to help people sign up for specific groups.

It is also helpful to take your membership list and divide it up among a leadership group and ask them to either call or send notes to everyone. Start about a month before the first Sunday in the series. It never hurts for the official family to talk to the membership about something other than stewardship.

This is also a great opportunity to have a congregation wide carry in lunch the week before. People can buy books, pray over the adventure and see that they are a part of a much larger group prepared to commit themselves to lean how to meditate on both their lives and on the Scriptures.

In a smaller church, these sorts of preparations are often simpler, but if you are organized well enough to work ahead, the effort to meet with other leaders ahead of time is well worth it. The who program will be easier on you and more effective for your people.

Are you way to busy?

Do you sometimes wonder if you are doing anything of important to God or to others?

Are you wondering when the joy part starts?

Join your busy friends for a seven-week study of Christian meditation.




Newsletter Article:

We are excited to invite everyone and their friends to a seven-week emphasis on Christian meditation. Prayer for Busy People, a new release from Vital Church Institute confronts one of today's great issues. We are too busy for God, for each other and for our own well-being. Much of that busyness is driven by an incomplete relationship with Jesus Christ. Though we know that God loves us, we are often unaware of how Godís love is active in understanding, acceptance, valuing others, success and even forgiveness. Finally, God both saves us eternally and God frees us to be effective in our daily relationships. This is a wonderful, practical, timely work and everyone who participates will be blessed themselves and encouraged to bless others.

News release (or print add):

The _______________ Church is excited. They are looking to make a major difference in the lives of this community through prayer.

Beginning_________________ and continuing for seven weeks, small groups are forming in order to learn the art of Christian Meditation:

Slow down. Hear that God is trying to say to us here and now. Learn to look at our own experience through the eyes of Godís love. Learn how to prepare a personal ministry to others. Remember to give thanks for what is right in our lives.

Call___________________ for more information or to join a group.

Small Group Meeting, (dates)
Beginning at (time) until (time)
At (name of host/hostess)

Phone Number:

Name of Participant                 Phone Number

Why learn to meditate? Meditations to use with the book Chapter Summaries Forms to use with the book Sermons, helpful hints, and exercises to use with the book. Learn more. Buy the book