About the Author:

After an early childhood that involved lots of moving and an encounter with the Communist Revolution in China, Jamie grew up in Louisville, Kentucky. After high school, he went Brown University and studied chemistry until enrolling in the Religious Studies Department. He studied the history and culture of ancient Israel. He continued his studies at Harvard Divinity School.

“I never regretted the time I spent in the hard sciences. The intellectual training was fabulous.”

He married Bessie Snyder. They have raised two delightful children. He has served churches in Louisville and Jeffersontown Kentucky, Fort Wayne Indiana and Rochester, NY.

After 13 years in the pastorate, Jamie became an insurance salesperson, then a manager, then an owner. He is also the Corporate Secretary of a large cluster of insurance agencies. In 2008 he returned to the pastorate and serves two small, rural churches in Upstate NY.

Pastor Jamie comes to the subject of prayer from the perspective of a business owner with a through knowledge of the local church. Accused of being an “A-Type driver,” Pastor Jamie struggles to maintain a balance between people and projects in his busy life.

“Prayer is the life blood no only of my personal ministry to others, but also my humanity. It is not surprising, however, that our Creator would also be interested in our being a whole self.”
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